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What is Vacuum? 2017-09-14T15:43:18+00:00

Vacuum is a decentralized gaming platform for the PC gaming market. We aim to rival companies such as Steam. Our main feature will be a marketplace for second hand digital game rights. This allows gamers to buy, resell and even rent games they own for money.

What is the price of VAC? 2017-09-14T15:43:30+00:00

The price of VAC is $0.33 USD. 1 ETH = 1,000 VAC tokens.

When is the token sale? 2017-09-14T15:43:38+00:00

The pre-sale will last 2 weeks starting on 10 Oct 2017 and the actual token sale will commence on 24 Oct 2017 for a month or until all tokens are sold.

How do I participate in the token sale? 2017-09-14T15:43:51+00:00

You can participate by sending Ethereum. Make sure you send from an ERC-20 Wallet and not an exchange. All VAC tokens will be sent to the same address ETH was sent from. We will provide more details as we approach the ICO date, sign up to our email list to get updates.

When will I receive my VAC tokens? 2017-09-14T15:43:44+00:00

You will receive the VAC tokens 1-2 weeks after the token sale ends.

I didn’t see an answer to my question 2017-09-14T15:42:41+00:00

Please email us at tokensale@vacc.io and we will try our best to answer you.

What are some wallets you recommend? 2017-09-14T15:45:09+00:00

MyEtherWallet (no download needed), Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop), imToken (iPhone), imToken (Android)

Can I send ETH from an exchange? 2017-09-14T15:45:14+00:00

DO NOT send ETH from an exchange. Please send ETH from a erc-20 compatible wallet as we will be sending the VAC tokens back to the same address.

How do I get into the pre-sale? 2017-09-14T15:45:22+00:00

Please email us at tokensale@vacc.io for more pre-sale details and how to participate.

Will VAC be listed on any big exchanges? 2017-09-14T15:45:27+00:00

We are in the process of discussion on many exchanges including the top ones. We are doing everything we can to get listed on big exchanges for the sake of our investors.

Is VAC an ERC-20 token? 2017-09-14T15:45:32+00:00

Yes it is.

Is there a minimum contribution amount? 2017-09-14T15:45:36+00:00

Yes there is. The minimum ETH you can contribute is 0.134.

Can U.S. citizens participate in ICO? 2017-09-14T15:45:41+00:00

Unfortunately, U.S. citizens will not be able to participate in the token sale. This includes residents, green card residents or citizens.

What is the amount being raised? 2017-09-14T15:45:46+00:00

The hard cap is $20 mil. 60 mil tokens will be sold during the pre-sale and crowd sale combined. 20 mil tokens will be sold during the pre-sale and 40 mil for the actual token sale.

Are there any bonuses for the token sale? 2017-09-14T15:45:52+00:00

Yes. There is 20% bonus during the pre-sale phase. For the token sale, there is a bonus of 10% for week 1, 5% for week 2, 2% for week 3 and no bonus for week 4.